Written & directed by Brandi Webb

After the death of his mother, Sincere Heart struggles to support his two teenage sisters. However, his transition from brother to parent proves him to be ill-prepared and his sisters are at risk of being put in foster care. Tensions surface when his uncle, Jerold – a drug addict, steps in as the legal guardian of Sincere’s sisters. Is either one of them fit to raise the girls?

Read what people are saying about this family drama:

“I had an amazing time last night. My mother and cousin LOVED “Sincere’s Heart.” It was wonderful! You did a fantastic job, and I’m proud of you. Keep up the great work!! You deserve the best.”

– Yasmin Ramos

“A Job Well Done!”

– Peter Blaine

“My classmates loved the writing of “Sincere’s Heart.” They said it was very fresh and original.”

– David Cork


Written & directed by Adrienne Moultriez

Ava and Reginald have it all; lots of money and prestige, great friends, and a bundle of joy on the way. Michelle and Charles, Ava’s best friends have a wonderful marriage too. Reginald’s little brother Mikey has a sexy live in girlfriend and life couldn’t be any better for any of the three couples. Of course all is never what it seems. Who’s been up to no good? Who’s deceiving whom? Most of all who will come out on top when so much is at steak in Love, Greed, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

After bringing “Love, Greed, and the Pursuit of Happiness” to the stage in 2005, Y2E Productions again, thrilled audiences with their 2007 run of the play. Read what audiences had to say:

It was a damned good play!


This was so extremely exciting with marvelous twists and turns while being superbly written. Hurry up and bring it back.

-B.A Cleckley

I enjoyed it very much. This play was very intense, suspensful. It kept me off guard and trying to guess what was going to happen. The plot was great.

-Richard Thompson


Written & directed by Brandi Webb

Yet To Evolve is a fresh new play that appears to be about the struggles of a teenage interracial couple. It seems that everyone has a problem with John and Stephanie being together, especially her father, Hulon. There are family secrets that Hulon is not ready to face yet. Will he change in time, or lose his daughter?

Yet to Evolve opened to a full house with loads of praise and raves! Read what audience members had to say about Brandi Webb’s Yet to Evolve:

“I was blown away! Brandi and her cast and crew did an amazing job.”

-R. Johnson

“It was wonderful and I look forward to more to come from Brandi Webb and her crew.”

-Michele Simmons

“Absolutely intense, fun and heartfelt.”