Directed by Brandi Webb,

Screenplay by Brandi Webb & Jenesis Scott


Written by Brandi Webb and Jenesis Scott- Betrayal Of A Nation is a Narrative Documentary about social injustice in America.

The US Government has been indicted and brought to trial on charges that hold it accountable for crimes against its citizens of color. Charges date back to the beginning of American history up to present day.

During this heightened trial, A Prosecutor for the People goes head to head with the Defense Attorney for the U.S. Govt. The presenting of evidence and the cross examining of witnesses is carried beyond the scripted dialog and explored in a documentary format that inter-cuts throughout the trial.

The Trial has begun. Order today and learn more about this timely and important documentary when you visit the BON web-page.


Written & directed by Brandi Webb

Two young girls uncover the mystery of Seneca village, once a prominent African American community in Manhattan, NY

This short film was produced in 2019

Don't Kill My Babies!

Written & directed by Brandi Webb

Don’t Kill My Babies!
Written & directed by Brandi Webb
​Jane of all trades, Indie filmmaker, Kandis Whethers, is producing her very first feature film with an In-Kind budget. As with any independent production, there are quite a few bumps along the road. With her friends by her side, Kandis will stop at nothing to get her film produced, even if she has to wear almost All of the production hats.

This short film was produced in 2017 and won best comedy in the people’s film festival.

Sincere's Heart

Based on the Staged Play

Written & directed by Brandi Webb

After the death of his mother, Sincere Heart struggles to support his two teenage sisters. However, his transition from brother to parent proves him to be ill-prepared and his sisters are at risk of being put in foster care. Tensions surface when his uncle, Jerold – a drug addict, steps in as the legal guardian of Sincere’s sisters. Are either one of them fit to raise the girls?


Written & directed by Trina Asiedu

Caught between worlds, Grace relives the night of her murder.

This short film was produced in 2017

The Brandi Show

Written & directed by Brandi Webb

Who do you call when you need some help? Who do you call when there’s no one else? She’s smart, she’s wise. She’ll give you advice. Who? Who? She’s Brandi!

The Brandi Show is a pilot episode divided into mini skits and “Brandi moments” for the web. Watch the full pilot below or view mini web skits here

This pilot episode was produced during the Summer of 2008.